David Uberti

2011 Headshot

I’m a staff writer for the Columbia Journalism Review, where I report on media, politics and the intersection of the two. As a U.S. correspondent for The Guardian, I also pen features on American cities. I’ve covered Congress for the Boston Globe and written for the editorial board and metro desk at Newsday. My work has also appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Huffington Post and amNewYork.

I hold a Master of Arts degree from the Columbia Journalism School, where I received the Gray Fellowship for International Reporting. My studies included post-9/11 military strategy, Third World security policy and U.S. foreign policy in the Persian Gulf. I wrote my thesis on neighborhood stabilization and housing policy in my hometown, Detroit, and am continuing my Arabic language studies through the Gray Fellowship’s generous language grant. I also hold Bachelor of Science degrees in Journalism and Middle East Studies from Northwestern University.

Along with media and politics, I love baseball, TV dramas and hip-hop. Hit me up at Uberti[dot]David[at]gmail.com or follow me on Twitter. I blog about Detroit and foreign policy here